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This application allows you to virtually drive a new luxury car, explore a display home on the go, review you next holidays hotel rooms, and more, any time or place. Virtualiis is the ultimate immersive advertising tool to immerse yourself in property or product sales experiences instantly.

Simply look for a Virtualiis code marker in print advertisements, then SCAN & SEE the virtual tour. Not only does this application give you more information on products, you can save to view later and share with friends.

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Real Estate Marketing Cycle

Real Estate Marketing

This real estate marketing cycle for buyers demonstrates the journey a buyer goes through when purchasing a property. Cycling through the soft sell for new to market buyers to the harder sell of closing the deal between the agent and buyer. There are many marketing options real estate agents can engage with to ensure they are seen and needed by a buyer.

Real estate marketing cycle

Environment AdvertisingEnvironmental Advertising – Using print advertising, from signage to flyer drops and newspaper advertising, engages community awareness of the real estate agency and available properties. You don’t want to be “out of sight, out of mind”, so brand awareness is a consistent marketing strategy. Aperture22 offers great fully inclusive print packages.


Immersive AdvertisingImmersive Advertising – Immersive advertising is new to the market. It allows print and digital media to showcase immersive advertisements, to quickly introduce property previews to a buyer. The tours are similar to an TV advert sales experience, allowing users to gather the key sales points, and the reason why they want a property, then connect them with the sales agents. Using the Virtualiis app, sales agents can add code markers to print advertising for interested buyers to SCAN, SEE & CONNECT with sales agents instantly.


Social Media Advertising Social Advertising – With 16 million Australian users on Facebook, social media advertising is not to be ignored. Creating engaging visual content for your social media advertising is important. Aperture 22 offers a wide range of virtual content for your social campaigns, from videos, to photography, Virtualiis immersive advertisements and more.


Website advertisingWebsites – Websites are where buyers go to view what’s for offer on the market and start their invested research process to find THE ONE. Real Estate website marketing is commonly focused on property listing websites, such as REIWA, but never neglect your own, as your website can be a very valuable tool to gather a strong local following. As we live in a visual marketing world, ensure your website visuals are of high quality and show the viewer what they want to see – Aperture22’s visual content packages will help.


Virtual ToursVirtual Tours – Matterport is the dominant virtual marketing platform in the Real Estate space. The Matterport tours allow prospect buyers to virtually walk through a property. Aperture 22 offers this service at competitive rates.



research marketingResearch – In today’s market, buyers like to be empowered to research property and the market online. Be a sales agent who is an information resource, helping buyers find what they need to know about a property, its suburb, and local benefits.


Real Estate home OpensHome Opens – Most of us need to see to believe. Home opens allow buyers to see the actual property for sale and connect with sales agents.



Real Estate Sales AgentsSales Agents – Follow up, and creating relationships with buyers assists with sales.



As a Real Estate agent, make sure you’re an information source throughout the real estate buyer’s cycle.

Aperture 22 offers great packages to ensure you get the most value out of your property marketing campaigns. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for property visual communication.


Package Includes…

real estate photography+ Professional Photography
(Unlimited web sized, 10 Hi Res photos)



Social Advertising+ Virtualiis tour for print, Facebook and youTube.



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Written by Rebecca Tunks.


Rebecca Tunks is a passionate digital marketer, and website developer. She has been researching virtual and immersive technologies in the real estate space since 2010.

With a superb devotion to product innovation, user-centred design and innovative marketing platforms, Virtualiis is aimed to be a leader in immersive advertising to help millions of Australians save time in exploring new products and property.